Town in southwestern Romania (Caras-Severin county), Cerna Valley, between the Mehedinti Mountains Cerna Mountains in the east and west, elevation 160 m, 41 km northwest of Drobeta-Turnu Severin (Mehedinti county seat).

Climate with Mediterranean influence. The average annual temperature of 14 ° C (average 22 ° C in July, on average 1 ° C in January). Average annual rainfall: 750 mm. Mild winters, cool summers, spring arrived early and short, autumns long. Highly ionized air (2000 negative ions per cm 3).

Herculane resort is recommended for the treatment of degenerative rheumatic pain, inflammatory diseases or subarticulare, peripheral nervous system diseases and for treatment of gynecological diseases, respiratory, ENT, dermatology, obesity etc.).